Sherri is an intuitive teacher, healer and guide.  She engages in loving relationships with the spirits of land, plants, animals, stones, trees, people and other unseen beings.  She has been trained to reconcile the relationship between the seen and unseen. Using her skills and her compassion, Sherri gives you a broader perspective, clears disruptive patterns, guides the dying, heals wounded hearts, rescues lost spirits, and reunites you with your loved ones.


Sherri is always prompt, professional, and accurate.  She has a lovely bedside manner that puts you at ease.  She has helped me to navigate and to better understand events in my past to achieve pivotal healing for me and my family.  I would recommend Sherri to anyone I know – 5 star rating.

Donna D.

My daughter was having some issues and had questions.  Sherri was very responsive and available to talk to her in a timely manner.  She helped her understand what was going on and put her mind at ease.  She is always willing to help people and has the kindest heart.

Stef F.