Becoming Your Psychic Self – Class 2


Tonight, we will learn to interpret the messages we received from our spirit guides during our practice homework.  It doesn’t matter how many messages you were aware of receiving.  The important thing is that you recognize that you are getting help from your guides.  This is what builds these important relationships. As you continue to interact with your guide, you will gain confidence in your ability to receive their messages and to trust the information you’ve been given.


Drumming or Rattling

Why do we listen to drumming and/or rattling during the shamanic journey?  The reason is that the rhythm helps us to enter into an altered state of consciousness so that our minds can focus our awareness inward.  The rattle has the added benefit of helping us to move past any blocked energies.  For homework build yourself a rudimentary rattle.  You will need the cardboard core of a roll of toilet paper (or you can use a paper towel core cut to 3 or 4 inches long), tape and ¼ cup of popcorn kernels.  Tape one end of the cardboard core, then put the popcorn kernels inside and tape the other end.


Finding the Quiet Place

I will take you on a shamanic journey to find your quiet place.  The Quiet Place is your direct connection to all that is.  From there you will have access to the answers to all of your questions.  In your quiet place, you are fully connected to All That Is through your energy field so you can feel it in your physical body.  For homework, you will practice using your rattle to get to your quiet place.  Begin rattling and settling yourself, then whistle to call yourself to be fully present in this moment.  When you feel ready give the rattle one last shake and project yourself into the Quiet Place.  Allow yourself to experience it fully and peacefully.  Notice the feeling of connectedness.  Remind yourself that you are fully connected to All That Is. Then just notice what you feel.  Be sure to write your experiences in your journal.


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