Welcome to Becoming Your Psychic Self

Welcome to Becoming Your Psychic Self

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Opening Prayer

Great Spirit, you who has loved us from the moment of our conception and every moment of our lives, we wish to honor you in our beings today and always. Let us be a clear channel of your presence, your love, your blessings and your grace today and always.

Open our hearts to your presence. Let us see you in the trees and grasses. Let us hear you in the wind and in the birds’ songs. Let us know you in our hearts always. Let us feel your touch in the hugs of others and in the warmth of the sun.

Let us experience you in all ways now and forevermore.

Setting Your Intention

Why do you want to develop your psychic abilities?  It is very important that you know why. The why is foundational to beginning any new activity properly.  If you don’t know where you want to end up, then you won’t be able to find a map to get you there.   Knowing why determines which guides will step forward to assist you.  Just like you wouldn’t take your computer to an auto mechanic, you want to get the right help for the job that needs doing.  I’ve asked the angels for a symbol to help us to set our intention…

The image above is the angelic symbol for Integrity.  Integrity is about keeping yourself in alignment with your truth.  When you act with integrity you are honoring your Soul, you are expressing yourself authentically.  Thank you, angels!!

Raising Your Vibration…

I am in a new energy space. It is fresh and clean like the dawn of a new day. I choose to fill this space with energies that sustain me, energies that renew my Spirit and energies that help me to grow into my full potential and greatest joy. I welcome all beings who wish to assist me. I call in the energies of deep processing and genuine caring. I hold a picture in my mind of a life of passion, authenticity and adventure. Like the acorn which carries everything necessary for it to become the great oak tree, my energy space carries everything I need to be the great me.

Meeting Your Spirit Helpers…

I will guide you on a shamanic journey to meet your spirit helpers.  You may meet a helper just for today or you may meet a helper or helpers that will assist you for a while.  Just as they say that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime, the same is true of our spirit helpers.  You will get the help that you need.  If you feel the helper, that steps forward, isn’t right for you, then perhaps they have come to teach you something.  Being open to their message is important to the process that will prepare you for the next step.  If you are not comfortable for any reason with the helper that steps forward, then let me know so I can assist you.

Getting to Know your Spirit Helpers…

As with learning any new skill, we must practice our psychic skills.  This week’s homework assignment is the get to know your spirit helper.  Every day I want you to spend at least 5 minutes talking with your spirit helper and asking questions.  It is important to write down the questions that you ask because the answers don’t always come immediately and you may forget the question in the meantime. Now choose an object or a picture that reminds you of your spirit helper and use that as a focus for your conversations.  I found that placing this object in a prominent location helped me remember to talk with them.  You don’t have to talk out loud, your intention is enough.  You might want to begin by asking their name or what you should call them.  Another question might be “How will I know when you want to draw my attention to something?”  During the rest of the day make note of anything unusual that happens to you or that you see, hear, feel, etc. and write that down. If a song gets stuck in your head or you can’t stop thinking about something, write that down too.  Next time we will work on interpreting the answers.


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